Strawberry Jam

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The strawberry jam, is there anything more greedy? The Tuscan specialties and the traditional tuscan food can be sweet while being genuine: the Arcetri Farm produces its strawberry jam following an ancient family recipe, which presents only a very little bit of cane sugar, in order to enhance the simple taste of the strawberry.

5,00 € tax incl.

Spread it on a slice of bread for a quick and tasty snack, enjoy it at dinner with cheese and balsamic vinegar, or as a garnish or topping in desserts and on any cake. Or how about donuts, brownies, cupcakes or mixed with cream cheese as a different appetizer?

The most artisanal process possible (just like an handmade and homemade one) to produce the most sensual jam ever. buy the Tuscan strawberry jam,you can find it in the Breakfast Box, for your light and energetic awakening, or select it and have fun composing your personal box, with a new and exciting shopping experience.

On "Il Giulio" you will find only fresh delicacies, able to recall the authentic taste of natural pleasure.