Azienda agricola Terra al Sole

Azienda Agricola Terra al Sole, a Tuscan farmhouse producing genuine traditional food

Sara, Laura, Marco and Matteo are the Azienda Agricola Terra al Sole, an authentic Farm (and Tuscan farmhouse) which produces vegetables and specialties, from a classic minestrone (traditional soup) to several gourmet delicacies and traditional Tuscan food. Online, here on the pages of "Il Giulio" you will find the Onions marmalade, the Chilli pepper mustard and the Barbecue salt, a small selection exalting the pure and precious essence of the Tuscan countryside. Open your “wonderbox” and live a journey in Tuscany directly at your home.

Four young people develop a farm capable to express a strong respect and love for nature, so that they cultivate every plant with care and without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The final product, the result of hard work, passion and daily learning from the natural environment,  is a simple ingredient celebrating its origins. Each food is tasty, excellent, genuine, fresh and able to provide new emotions on the palate with a single bite.

Every day they celebrate the Tuscany in all its characteristics, exalting biodiversity and following the philosophy of Apollonia (a short rhyme by Gianni Rodari), who, thanks to her manual skills, managed to make excellent jams also with chestnut curls.

You will find all these special foods inside the Starred and the Country boxes. Live now your experience “Under the Tuscan sun”!