Ratafià, chef aprons and Tuscan furoshiki, discover a fascinating fashion world

Ratafià is a wonderful craftsmanship atelier producing personalized chef aprons, Tuscan furoshiki and many other accessories ideal to wear or use in your kitchen while cooking your favorite Italian food specialties. Laura and Valentina created a refined brand, a definitely new and exclusive way to explore and represent Tuscany and their love for the handmade products.

Ratafià chef aprons are one of a kind, small masterpieces able to express the genuine choice of rough and natural materials, such as linen, cotton and hemp, combined with manual stamps, paintings and decorations. A passion perfectly designing each product, from aprons to kitchen towel and bags, from tuscan furoshiki to unique furnitures.

Years of study have led to the creation of a real distinguishing mark and design on each of these accessory. A perfect Florentine appearance, just like the Tuscan food of "Il Giulio", rustic ideas that take shape and life in an original and genuine atmosphere. Ratafià is art, Ratafià is the exaltation of simple things, Ratafià is an elegant rediscovery of the tailored things, Ratafià is the value of sharing of genuineness.

Inside the Starred Box you will discover one of these chef aprons made entirely by hand, while a Furoshiki (a typical cloth traditionally used in Japan to carry clothes, bentō and gifts) embellishes the Breakfast box. Choose Ratafià and bring the atmosphere of the ancient Renaissance workshops directly into your home, enhance your culinary ars with a right chef’s garment and write your own bucolic story.