Dolce Emporio

Dolce Emporio, the authentic Tuscan biscuits you will absolutely love

Dolce Emporio, the home of the Tuscan biscuits, the place where cookies are “biscotti”, and every sweet is a genuine specialty. A shop of Tuscan traditional food with a story of about four centuries, nowadays also online (on “il Giulio”!), taste the Dolce Emporio biscuits for a cozy and charming breakfasts, following the typical Tuscan lifestyle, or eat them at the end of a romantic dinner by candlelight. Soft or crumbly, the cookies of the Dolce Emporio follow each one a specific ancient family recipe, celebrating the bucolic life of the past.

Eat the traditional Grandma Rina’s (rustic, with extra virgin olive oil and vin santo, pine nuts and raisins), Grandma Ada’s (with cocoa and pieces of dark chocolate) and Grandma Bice’s (crunchy with hazelnuts and dark chocolate), the “Nonne di San Frediano", the three specialties that we propose. They carry a feminine name to remember the old and authentic flavor of Tuscan products.

Enjoy a different shopping experience, order now the Breakfast box for a cozy awakening and start the day with a touch of absolute wellness. Even Georgette Jupe (A Girl in Florence) reviews these Tuscan cookies as unmissable: "The place to pacate any sweet tooth and pick up a special treat for you or loved ones, especially love the Biscotti delle Nonne".

You will find these biscuits in the Starred and in the Breakfast boxes.

Here’s for you the essence of Italian culinary culture, the exact taste of the best Made in Italy excellences. Open your box and get ready to eat the Florentine’s foods, get the occasion to try the unique taste of home-made products. Dolce Emporio and "Il Giulio", the food selected by the star restaurants of Florence: reach the seventh heaven of foodies in a bite!