Scatolificio Isa

Scatolificio Isa, the most important Tuscan box factory, the best to enhance our food specialties

Scatolificio Isa is that company that has produced the “wonder box” that you now hold in your hand. Or that could, in a few days, arrive at your door, full of Tuscan food specialties, ready to present all the excellence of Tuscany, just open the lid! Your exclusive food shopping experience through the fascinating world of Made in Italy and Italian culinary culture begins online and ends directly in the kitchen, or on the table. With a precious and refined box looking like a gift itself.

To add more value to the "Il Giulio" project we have chosen the only factory able to dress our dreams with a “tailored" box. The top quality of the natural ingredients and gourmet delicacies we offer would not change, if delivered in another way, but so would their perception. We have chosen the only box capable to “wear” its majesty the zolfino bean, the traditional biscuits of the Nonne di San Frediano, the pasta by Michele Portoghese or the onion compote.

Scatolificio Isa, the most famous Tuscan box factory, was founded in 1936, under the guidance of Ferdinando Santetti, who started a production of shoe-wrapped boxes. They got a specific identity so that they became quickly protagonists of worldly fashion events, they soon hosted jewels and accessories, up to today, to “Il Giulio”.

Buy your favorite box and prepare yourself to receive one of the packs made by Scatolificio Isa. Starred? Country? Old Florence? or Breakfast?

Realize your desire!