Christmas gift baskets, your presents from Tuscany

Christmas is coming! Instead of the traditional Christmas gift baskets, you can find online some different, original and elegant ideas to amaze anyone. The most suitable gift for her? It’s the Starred Box! And for him? For your uncle, who loves genuine food and wellness, the one who claims that “the early bird catches the worm"? The Breakfast Box, for a high quality start in the morning! Vegetarians will definitely appreciate the Country Box (“it’s designed especially for me!”), a real treasure composed of zolfini beans, small Florentine chickpeas, walnuts, chilli mostarda and… just discover more.

If you are a lover of the romantic cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”, get ready to prepare the best spaghetti dish will enhancing the precious ingredients of the Old Florence Box (with Florentine rib tomato sauce, salt, evoo oil, Tuscan artisan pasta and aged cheese).

Inside our shop you will find a “tailored” Box for each person, but if you want to make an "ad hoc" package, you can choose every ingredient and personalized your gourmet box, full of fine foods, packed in a luxury box, durable and also perfect for shipping abroad.

So if you have a friend or a relative (your son, for example) that you want to reach in Germany, France, Holland, England (or anywhere in Europe!), If you want to give him the scent and flavor of Italian culinary tradition, we will get salumi, cheeses and various healthy goodies to the address indicated.

Enhance your feelings, the Christmas baskets we offer are excellent even for corporate gifts, to represent your mission and your goals, they are green, sustainable, genuine.

During Christmas everyone is good, but our delights are the best, enjoy the delicacies cultivated in the amazing countryside of Florence and surroundings.

Il Giulio, the place for the lovers of good things of the past.