Tuscan Food Specialties

Tuscan food specialties, experience the best, explore our land

The precious essence of Tuscan food specialties, the Florentine culinary traditions in your home, from the producers and companies directly online, in a prestige and refined look. Discover one by one all the people composing this network producing only Tuscan specialties, experience the passion, the emotions and the memories of those who decided to forge a strong partnership with Nature, respecting the context and achieving excellence.

From the hills of the Fattoria di Arcetri, near the famous astronomical observatory, we produce food and ingredients from dreamers, for those looking to the stars for a different future. From this land a "starred food" is born, served in all the best restaurants of our region (and not only), able to express the intense vitality of Guido and his family, including the little Giulio.

The cheese made by Federico and Francesco (I Due Falcetti) follows an authentic recipe, a simple procedure coming from century of bucolic and rural life, almost a symbiosis between animals, human and natural environment, enhanced by traditional recipes.

Just like the honey by Giovanni Viviani's company, symbol of deep knowledge and passionate study for the bees’ world. The fennel salami by the Azienda Agricola il Ponte represents an ancient community, its food and its habits.

The young Matteo, Sara, Laura and Marco (Terre al Sole) pursue the dream of enhancing all the distinctive features of Tuscany, producing Tuscan specialties, notes of genuine taste. Try to believe the Chilli Mostarda and the salt prepared for barbecue.

Also the Tuscan pasta can reveal the characteristics of a proud and rough people, together with traditional sauces, try the spaghetti, the fusilli and the mezze maniche made by Michele Portoghese. Absolutely Tuscan are also the crispy cookies by Dolce Emporio, which matches a name of a grandmother to every traditional recipe, enhancing fresh ingredients and ancient familiar recipes.

Tuscany is also style and elegance, as evidenced by Ratafià, a brand which, like a Renaissance artisan workshop, produces aprons and dryers in unique pieces, like small works of art to collect. And finally, the Scatolificio Isa, which, just like the best tailor, was able to create the perfect dress for our dream, the casket capable of enclosing and preserving emotions and flavors.

As you can see the Tuscan specialties are made first of all by the people. Come and meet our people, farms and companies, and unveil the real value of Made in Italy.