La Fattoria di Arcetri

Fattoria di Arcetri, the real Tuscan farm, providing the finest traditional food

Welcome to the Fattoria di Arcetri, a Tuscan Farm, home to the best traditional food. Our mission is the enhancement of our region and this is why our vegetables and products represent the pure excellent authenticity. We believe that the genuine food can be a “medicine” for body and soul both and following this ancient believes every day we preserve our natural environment as a treasure to protect and love.

The Fattoria di Arcetri is also an observatory in its own way, just like the real astronomical one. Under the sky we grow patiently our plants, preparing meticulously the soil with hard work. That is the best way and also the fastest way to realize how humanity is just one of the multiple mechanisms of an immense and fascinating ecosystem.

Here at the Fattoria di Arcetri we respect every single element: the seeds are planted in the open field, without greenhouses or heated tunnels. This is the only possible way to exalt the authentic Tuscan specialties and reveal to the world the intense taste of black cabbage lying on a slice of bread, the royal magic taste of the zolfino bean or the strong Tuscan flavor of the small Florentine chickpea. Our Florentinecostoluto” tomatoes sauce represents the entire Tuscan gastronomic tradition, the Italian culinary culture.

The Fattoria di Arcetri is Guido, together with his entire family, especially his child Giulio, who gives his name to this project, in order to celebrate the pleasant simplicity.