Azienda agricola i due falcetti

Azienda Agricola i due falcetti, more than a Tuscan farmhouse!

Azienda Agricola I Due Falcetti is Francesco and Federico, two young brothers with a strong passion for good, genuine and simple things, the common denominator of all Tuscan specialties. They live and host guests in a Tuscan farmhouse, where they also serve for lunch and dinner their excellent Tuscan traditional food. 

The food we selected from their production and you will find here, online, reflects their passionate approach to the rural reality, distinguished by the deep respect for the natural environment, they preserve with jealousy and love.

The cheeses made by I Due falcetti farm are authentic Tuscan delicacies, produced following ancient recipes, recalling every day the purpose of focusing on the synergy and friendship between man, animal and nature. 

Serve on your table these traditional foods and enhance the Italian culinary tradition.

The top quality standards, a company which is itself the maximum expression of the “farm to table” ingredients, a different lifestyle and resilient vision of life, back to the roots, respectful of the modern evolution, but proud to develop a unique project of sustainable cultivation and breeding. A small "struggle", in a certain sense, which produces the true Tuscan traditional food, the products of the past.

Discover I Due Falcetti, select their tasty food individually and compose your own box, or select the Starred Box or the Old Florence one!