Azienda Agricola Giovanni Viviani

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Viviani, Tuscan beekeper!

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Viviani, a name standing for a farm, for a lover of Tuscan specialties and, above all, for a Tuscan beekeeper with 250 hives scattered in different areas of Tuscany, in order to capture the scents of several trees and flowers, many concentrated in the area of Montespertoli. Honey is for sure one of the most authentic Tuscan traditional food: here, online, you will find a top-quality selection meeting your expectations.

Fall in love with this ancient dimension, and get a closer look to Giovanni. Watch his slow, passionate and expert movements (in spite of some small stings) welcoming and taking care of the bees, to obtain honey, pollen, propolis and many other products. 

We selected for you the tasty Chestnut and French Honeysuckle honeys: buying one of them you will get the chance to discover the magical “realm of beekeepers”, where everything expresses simplicity and bucolic sensations.

Serve on your table the pleasant and strong taste of an ancestral tradition, reveal the elegant beauty of a golden and sensual product, enjoy Tuscany in every teaspoon and experience its magic charme. You will find the Azienda Agricola Giovanni Viviani inside the Starred box and the Breakfast box, for your sweet awakening. Open the door of an amazing world, live your exciting and fascinating shopping journey “under the Tuscan sun”!